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Green Beef Facts

All Natural ~ Grassfed & Grass Finished ~ Never Fed Corn
High in Omega-3 ~ Never Confined/Always on Pasture
No Fertilizer or Pesticides ~ No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics
Family Farm Raised ~ Organic Practices

·  All Natural  ·

Our Green Beef is all natural. Our cattle are raised on grass pasture for their whole life. They eat grass year round and are fed home grown, organic grown hay ONLY in the winter to supplement the grass pasture.

With Green Beef, you will not have to worry about what is in the meat you are feeding your family. It is pasture raised by our family, and the animals are well cared for. We are certified American Grassfed and Animal Welfare Approved to ensure you of that. You can read more about our certifications here.

Healthy. Pure. Delicious. That is Green Beef!

·  Grass Fed and Grass Finished  ·

One reason we chose to raise cattle in Missouri is because of our nutritious grass pasture that grows naturally, and abundantly almost year round. We don't have to irrigate, we don't fertilize. All we need to do is be good stewards of our land, which we are...on a daily basis.

·  Never Fed Corn  ·

Green Beef is grassfed and grass finished. Like we said before, our cattle eat nothing but their mother's milk and grass pasture, supplemented with home grown hay during the winter. It is from our nutritous grass pasture that our butcher steers gain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are able to transform their pasture food-source from something that we as humans cannot digest, into protein and nutrients that we can benefit from. And since we do not ever feed our cattle corn, our beef does not have high amounts of saturated fat like feed-lot beef.

On a side note, look out for beef that only says grassfed, because there is the possibility that it was finished on corn. Also, you need to find out if the "grass" the cattle were fed was grass pasture or if they were fed hay most of the time. Hay does not deliver nearly the amount of nutrition or Omega-3s as grass pasture.

·  High in Omega-3  ·

   Did you know...

  • Grass fed & finished beef is as high in Omega-3 as salmon.

  • Not all salmon or fish is high in Omega-3 like we are led to
    believe . . . some of it is actually "farm raised" and fed corn. You have to find wild-caught Alaskan salmon to get high amounts of Omega-3.

  • Corn seems to be the killer of Omega-3 which normally occurs naturally in fish and beef.

  • Unfortunately, most of the beef in the market is taken to a feed lot and "finished" (fattened up) on corn. Grassfed and grass finished beef accounts for only 1% of the market in the U.S.

  • Feeding cattle corn as the main part of their diet decreases the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio from 2:1 like it should be to 1:20 (which is really bad!!!) Cattle were not meant to eat corn. They cannot properly digest it, and if they are fed corn long enough it will actually kill them.

  • Our bodies cannot produce Omega-3, yet it is an essential fatty acid. So we need to get it from a food source . . .

  • . . . A food source such as Green Beef : )

·  No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics  ·

We do not believe in the use of growth hormones in cattle. It is unhealthy both for the animal and for the beef they produce. Growth hormones cause a steer to grow at unnatural rates. And there have been studies on the negative impact growth hormones in meat and dairy products have on us. We don't have any studies to quote off hand but you can do a google search on the topic and find some pretty scary stuff!

Antibiotics are also used in feedlots, due to the close quarters in which the cattle are kept, and the amount of corn they are fed. They need antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. As a part of Animal Welfare Approved, we have strict guidelines on how to treat cattle that need antibiotics, and you are guaranteed to never get meat off a steer that has ever had antibiotics. If one of our animals needs antibiotics for their well being, they are taken out of the Green Beef program and we have to sell them at a sale. We don't like having to do that, and we want our cattle to be healthy, which is why they are given yearly vaccinations to keep them from getting a cold.

·  No Fertilizers or Pesticides  ·

We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our fields, and the American Grassfed Association keeps us accountable to you, as it is not allowed. We want you to know that one of the reasons we wanted to be a part of the AGA and AWA is so that our customers can feel comfortable when we tell them about our farming practices, and know that we are being held accountable. Especially since our farm is not exactly a skip and a hop away!

·  Family Farm Raised with Organic Practices  ·

We are often asked if we are certified organic, or why we are not certified organic. The fact of the matter is that it would cost us too much and we want to keep Green Beef affordable for you. The American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved have very similar standards, and in some cases more strict standards for us to go by (especially when it comes to the well being of the animals and the particular food they eat). USDA Organic does not rule out corn either - it's just organic corn.

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