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About Our Family Farm

Our family has been raising grassfed beef on 7 Springs Farm in Missouri since 1968. We chose Missouri because it is the number one place to raise grassfed beef in the United States. We believe in raising our cattle naturally...the "Green" way! The Kubitschek family has been farming for 4 generations now, and we plan on keeping this important tradition alive. We are fully dedicated to sustainable agriculture not only in our farming practices but in our way of life.

This is Will's dad, Bill, with his prize winning bull back in the day! Will's parents, Bill & Carolyn have always raised grassfed beef on 7 Springs Farm. They used to raise Saler cattle.

Will and his sister, Anne, grew up going back and forth from their home in Cailfornia to the family farm in Missouri. Check out the adorable picture below of them bottle feeding a calf when they were younger.

Today, Will and his wife Cait work the family farm and take care of the cattle. We are now raising Angus and Gelbvieh cattle.

We are also raising our four kids on the farm! Some of their favorite things to do are go for a ride in the tractor, and go check on the cows!

If you are one of our CSA members, you will get the chance to meet Carolyn (Will's mom), or Colleen (Cait's mom), and ask them any questions you may have about the farm. They manage the CSA in San Diego. This really is a family business, with participation from all sides!

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