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Join Our Green Beef CSA

We are dedicated to helping our community learn about
the importance of eating green. We believe that adding
grassfed & grass finished Green Beef to your diet
is one of the best and tastiest ways of doing so!
Read more below to find out the specifics of joining our CSA.

Green Beef CSA Details

Our CSA is currently closed. Our California family has moved back to the farm and we do not have anyone to operate our business on the California side.

How do I become a member of Green Beef CSA?

Join our CSA You can sign up for a share of our grassfed and grass finished beef using our Beef Share Form by clicking the link to the right. The form lists available pickup options and times.

Membership Options:

We realize that for some of our existing CSA members, this new method of splitting up the beef might be a big change since you will be picking up 80-115lbs of beef at one time. You might be worried that you will not have room in your freezer. We have a couple ideas for you if you are worried about this.

Home Depot carries a nice 7 cu. ft. chest freezer for around $220. This would be a good option for a 1/4 share of Green Beef.

Another option would be to split your 1/4 share with family or friends. You would be responsible for paying for the share and picking up the meat, and you would be responsible for distributing it amongst your friends. Keep in mind that one beef usually yields about 55-60% ground beef.

Our grassfed lamb and pastured pork is only available seasonally, and in small quantities. Please contact us before making a payment to see when lamb and pork will be available next. We lamb in late winter and early spring, and then we need time for the lambs to grow to the proper weight.

Thank you for your continued support of Green Beef and 7 Springs Farm.

New laws were passed that require all meat for sale to list nutrition facts at the point of sale. Here are the links to the nutrition facts for beef and lamb.

Beef Nutrition Facts
Lamb Nutrition Facts

Please note that these are generic nutrition facts given to us by the USDA, and that these values were derived from meat where the animals were probably finished on corn.

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