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Our family has been raising grassfed beef on 7 Springs Farm in Missouri since 1968. We chose Missouri because it is the number one place to raise grass fed beef in the United States. We believe in raising our cattle naturally...the "Green" way! The Kubitschek family has been farming for 4 generations now, and we plan on keeping this important tradition alive. We are fully dedicated to sustainable agriculture not only in our farming practices but in our way of life.

Our beef is raised on quality grass pasture year round, never confined in a feed lot, and we do not finish our cattle on corn. Since our beef is 100% GRASSFED and GRASS FINISHED it has a very healthy Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizer on our pasture, we do not give our steers growth hormones, and they are not pumped full of antibiotics. We are committed to providing a superior product that is healthier for you and your family to eat. If you have never tasted grass fed Green Beef, you are missing out! It is more flavorful, fresh tasting, and a lot lower in fat than grain finished beef.
We have learned that it is hard to go back!

What are the benefits of eating grassfed & grass finished beef?

How Can You Join The Green Revolution?

Practicing Sustainable Agriculture is very important to our community and our world. We cannot continue to use up our natural resources without paying a price. That is why we take care of our land using natural practices, and careful planning.

We use pasture rotation techniques to maximize natural grass growth, and we chose an area where we get more than enough natural rainfall to keep our grass growing. Our cattle eat an all-grass diet, and they graze over large pastures, which spreads their manure out thoroughly and naturally fertilizes the soil as the rain and sun help it to decompose.

All Green Beef is USDA inspected and approved.

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